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Automatic Sprouter Machine!

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Have You Ever Wanted To Grow And Eat Fresh Vegetables But Don't Have Soil To Grow Them

Do You Always Think About Growing Them But  Don't Have Time And Energy


With automatic sprouter machine you can grow sprouts from seeds and legumes-year round at the comfort of your home




Grow Fresh Vegetables: With automatic sprouter machine you can grow Bean Sprouts, Spinach, String Beans, Black Beans, Buckwheat, Okra, Helianthus Annuus, Hollow, Radish, Mustard, Songliu, Green Peas, Red peas and much more at the comfort of your home


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360 Degree Sprinkle: With the 360-degree sprinkler in the spouter, it prevents uneven germination of beans and saves electricity. This allows clean and more efficient use



No Soil Required: You don't need any garden or soil to grow vegetables. You can get your free vegetables everyday. You can save time and energy


Automatic Sprouter Machine


Easy To Operate: It is very easy to operate you. Just press the start button first and then select the corresponding season button according  to the room temperature

Automatic Sprouter Machine Operation


Note:  If the power supply is interrupted within 8 hours for changing water or other situations, the machine will continue working as long as the power supply returns to normal.

Automatic Sprouter Machine Widely Application
It is made of PP material completely non toxic and healthy
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