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Ultrasonic Mini Dishing&Washing Machine

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Ultrasonic Mini Dishing&Washing Machine

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Do You Wait For Your Dishes and Clothes To Pile Up Before Putting Them To The Machine?

Or Do You Wash With Your Hands? 
Because You Don't Want To Turn On The Machine For a Few Dishes And Clothes 


With Ultrasonic Mini Dishing&Washing Machine you don't need to wait for your dishes or clothes to pile up or wash them with your hands.



All you need is a bowlwatersoup or detergent and the Ultrasonic Mini Dishing&Washing Machine



Working Principle
  1. The acoustic energy carried by the super vibration wave is a cavitation phenomenon in the liquid, which will generate a large number of pressure explosive microscale bubbles.
  2. The air bubbles burst rapidly to generate shock waves, and the surface of the dishes is constantly brushed.
  3. These gaps can cause stubborn dirt to crack, emulsify, and peel. As a result, cleaning is achieved.


Mini Dishing&Washing Machine

    Product Features

    Four Stages Cleaning: The Ultrasonic Mini Dishing&Washing Machine has four stage cleaning. The high-frequency vibration cavitation, and high-pressure waves, accelerates the dispersion and emulsification, and peeling of liquids and stains to achieve better cleanliness. 

      Mini Dishing&Washing Machine


      Accelerated Dishing: High-pressure water sprays water in the air, thousands of bubbles burst in the water, producing oxidized bubbles, accelerating the dish stains.




      Portable: This mini dishwasher is lightweight and compact, easy to carry, suitable for home, business trip, travel, camping. The Ultrasonic Mini Dishing&Washing Machine is recharged via USB and you can connect your mobile device, free of installation, convenient, waterproof, cleaner cleaning.


      Versatility: Portable ultrasonic washing machines can wash various types of clothes, clothes, towels, underwear, socks, T-shirts, toys or other small loads and deli laundry rooms, but also clean jewelry, glasses, fruits, vegetables and tea sets.

      Mini Dishing&Washing Machine



      Color: White
      Material: Plastic
      Weight: 590 gr
      Washing Capacity: <2kg
      Capacity: 501ml-700ml
      Voltage: 10V
      Power: 6W






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